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NFL Potential Matters None to the Greatness of Tim Tebow

He may very well go down as the best college football quarterback ever.  Tim Tebow has done everything there is to do in the college game.  He’s been a great ambassador, an unbelievable player, and a true leader of men.

Everyone gets caught up on the notion of Tebow in the NFL.  Whether he succeeds or not in the pros should never be a reflection on his incredible career as a Gator.  There have been many remarkable college football players that I will always remember as some of the very best, regardless of what they did in the NFL.  Tommie Frazier was one of the most successful quarterbacks ever.  He won two National Titles for Nebraska.  Danny Wuerffel, Tee Martin, Vince Young, Doug Flutie, and Don McPherson all come to mind off the top of my head.

Many have talked about Tebow as a perfect fit in the Wildcat formation in the NFL.  I don’t see that at all.  The most successful quarterbacks in the Wildcat are quick.  That’s what makes the Wildcat successful…while the defense has to make a split decision on who has the ball…the quickness of a qb can find that small crease and turn it into a nice gain.   If you have seen Michael Vick run the Wildcat for the Eagles, even he has struggled, because it is clear he has lost his quickness being out of the game.

If Tebow shines in the pros, I think he will be more like Daunte Culpepper.  He is a big physical quarterback that can shed a blitzing DB or safety and still make a pass down field.  Tebow needs to continue to develop his passing game to make it to the next level. 

One other spot I could possibly see Tebow in the NFL is at tight end.  He could be physical enough to block, and because he is a quarterback, he could transition nicely into the passing game as a receiver.  Remember former Colts tight end Ken Dilger was a quarterback at Heritage Hills.

I was not overly impressed with Tebow against LSU.  It had to be hard for him to play his style game after such a serious injury.  Tebow even said himself he was more of a game manager.  What I learned the most about the Florida/LSU game is that LSU is not very good.  I’ve seen the Tigers against Washington, Georgia, and Florida, and I haven’t been impressed.  They are a solid team, but nowhere near an elite team.  As you would expect from a Les Miles club, the Tigers strength is defense, but the offense is average at best.  It was hard to gauge how good Tebow was in that LSU game because of the lackluster performance by LSU.

I am not a Gators fan at all.  I have always rooted against all Florida teams.  However, I admire and hope for the best for Tim Tebow.  He is fearless, talented, and most importantly he is a winner.